Welcome to New Era Dental Studio, LLC

  • Pankey Institute Technician Level 1 and Pankey Institute Technician Level 2
  • Dawson Seminar 1, Dawson Seminar 2, Dawson Seminar 3 and Dawson Seminar 4
  • Russell DeVreugd Occlusal Compass Seminar, and IOAD Waxing Course with Lee Culp, CDT
  • Head and Neck Dissection with Henry Gremillion and Prep Design and Case Presentation with Dr. Dale Sorenson
  • Member of the American Equilibration Society, Member of the Seattle Study Club Akron, Ohio, Member of the Seattle Study Club Canton, Ohio and Founding Member of the Northcoast Occlusion Study Club ( a Pankey / Dawson Study Club)
  • Christian Fodor is a Certified Dental Technician specializing in two areas, Crown and Bridge as well as Ceramics. He has studied with the most renowned dentists and technicians in the country including; Dr. Peter Dawson, Dr. Irwin Becker, Dr. Jim McKee, Dr. Henry Gremillion, Dr. Gary DeWood, Dr. Glenn DuPont, Dr. Betsy Bakeman, Dr. Michael Sesseman, Mr. Lee Culp, CDT, Mr. Willie Geller, MDT, Dr. Robert Cowie, Dr. Henry Tanner, Dr. Frank Dolwick, Dr. Vince Kokich, Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. David Mathews, Dr. Pascal Magne, Dr. Gerard Chiche, Dr. John Kois, Dr. William Robbins, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Mr. Naoki Aiba Mr. Russell DeVreugd, CDT, Mr. Bill Mrazek, CDT, Mr. Phillip Gold, CDT, Dr. Michael Kadair, Dr. Fred Cory, Mr Tal Brown, Mr. Bill Massey, CDT, Dr. William Strupp, and Dr. Dale Sorenson These are the clinicians I have pursued and respect. My pursuit of occlusal understanding is on going and I base my clinical work around joint based occlusion. I understand occlusion and know my materials to make a very lifelike crown with great occlusion and perfected interproximal contacts.